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Add classified listings to your website!

Powering classifieds for over 200 local and national sites, Oodle is the fastest growing classifieds network. Now you can add Oodle's classified listing to your website and earn money while users browse classified ads from across the internet.

Get started now. Choose the integration option that is best for you.

Oodle API - Integrate Oodle's classified listings into your existing application. The Oodle API is a realtime web service that leverages the same search engine that Oodle uses to power Walmart, MySpace, and Oodle listings data is returned to you in XML (other formats also available).

Oodle Widgets - Add relevant classified listings anywhere on your website using one of Oodle's classified widgets. The widgets are "copy-and-paste" pieces of functionality that offer some limited customization.

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